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    名稱: Vibration Sensor MiniSense 100
    類別: Vibration Sensor
        The Minisense 100 is a low-cost cantilever-type vibration sensor loaded by a mass to offer high sensitivity at low frequencies. The pins are designed for easy installation and are solderable. Horizontal and vertical mounting options are offered as well as a reduced height version. The active sensor area is shielded for improved RFI/EMI rejection. Rugged, flexible PVDF sensing element withstands high shock overload. Sensor has excellent linearity and dynamic range, and may be used for detecting either continuous vibration or impacts.
        The mass may be modified to obtain alternative frequency response and sensitivity selection (consult factory).
        (1)Washing Machine Load Imbalance?
        (2)Vehicle Motion Sensor?
        (3)Anti-Theft Devices?
        (4)Vital Signs Monitoring?
        (5)Tamper Detection?
        (6)Impact Sensing
        (1)High Voltage Sensitivity (1 V/g)?
        (2)Over 5 V/g at Resonance?
        (3)Horizontal or Vertical Mounting?
        (4)Shielded Construction?
        (5)Solderable Pins, PCB Mounting?
        (6)Low Cost?
        (7)<1% Linearity?
        (8)Up to 40 Hz (2,400 rpm) Operation Below Resonance